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3rd Party Food Safety Audit

SOS food safety assessments focus on food, employees, facilities and process enhancements. With onsite evaluations, training, consulting and advanced reporting, we help you establish best practices in crucial areas including:
  • Time and temperature control
  • Product rotation and expiration dates
  • Prevention from contamination
  • Approved sources
  • Employee health and hygiene practices
  • Pest control
Elements of Third-party Audits
Third-party audit frameworks generally include but need not be limited to the following areas to be evaluated:

• Quality Systems
• Document Control
• Pest Management
• Water & Hygiene
• Corrective & Preventive Actions
• Chemical Handling & Control
• Purchasing & Vendor Approval
• Good Laboratory Practices
• Good Manufacturing Practices
• Food Safety/HACCP
• Calibration
• Allergen Controls
• Shipping & Receiving
• Weight Control
• Education & Training
• Traceability
• Sanitation
• Food Defense

We keep you on track and prepared for those surprise Department of Health inspections. Partner with Sanitized On Safety experts to ensure food safety and brand protection every day to keep your customers and your business safe. Contact us for more information.